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The GM Card is best described as a rewards/customer-incentive card, offered by the General Motors Corporation. It is a card through which you can accumulate ‘earnings’ which you can subsequently redeem when purchasing an eligible GM vehicle. It is, thus, a card you can use to hasten your acquisition of a GM vehicle, and to effectively end up acquiring a GM vehicle at a lower cost.

The basic workings of the GM Card

At its core, the GM Card turns out to be a MasterCard, issued by Capital One bank, with General Motors only administering the earnings/rewards aspect of it. This is a card you can use when purchasing pretty much anything you can think of, from groceries, to clothing and onto utilities and anything in between. Whatever you opt to spend money on, so long as you pay using the GM Card, you accumulate ‘earnings’ (which are calculated at 5%). Once you have enough of those ‘earnings’ you can approach GM, so as to redeem them towards the acquisition of your new ride.

What vehicles can be acquired using GM Card earnings?

Eligibility in terms of vehicles that can be acquired using the GM Card vary from year to year. But you will be mostly looking at the brands that GM is famous for, including the Buick, the Chevrolet, the GMC and the ever-alluring Cadillac.

The GM Card website at www.gmcard.com offers you the opportunity to search for eligible vehicles by both their brands and their styles. In terms of the latter, you can get a variety of ordinary cars, trucks, vans and SUV crossovers to choose from.

So, how exactly does the process of redeeming earnings work?

It is a straightforward process. According to the GM Card website at www.gmcard.com, if you want to redeem your earnings, you have to start by figuring out what you have, in terms of earnings. To do this, you log in to the said site. While at it, you should also check the redemption allowance available to you. Having done that, you approach a dealer in one of the GM vehicles, select the vehicle you want to buy or lease, let the dealer know that you want to take advantage of your earnings… and everything will roll on from there.

In what specific ways can the GM card earnings be useful?

The first way in which GM card earnings can be useful would be to the extent that you can take advantage of them to lower your down payment. Also, taking advantage of your GM card earnings, you can lower your monthly payments. Further, if you want to get optional add-ons for your vehicle, you can finance the acquisition of the same using your GM card earnings.

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william murphy March 12, 2013 at 1:44 am

You people are getting so difficult to log in to my account that I am considering altetant measures


leon borowski March 12, 2013 at 1:11 pm

cam I use my GM earnings to lease a new GM vehicle


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