One of the ways in which you can accumulate GM Card earnings (to be later redeemed when buying a GM motor vehicle) is by shopping online with the card. By default, 5% of what you pay, when shopping online using the GM Card is added to your GM Card earnings account. But that figure can go up, if you shop at one of the Bonus Shop stores. In the latter scenario, you end up accumulating more GM Card earnings faster. Subsequently, you get the chance to save more, when acquiring your GM vehicle of choice.

What can you buy using the GM Card?

According to the GM Card website at, there is really no limit to what you can buy using the GM card. The card can be useful to you when shopping for apparel. It can be useful to you when shopping for computers and electronics. It can be useful to you when shopping for software in app-stores. It can be useful when shopping for beauty and health products. It can be useful when shopping for services… and anything you can think of.

Remember, the GM Card is basically an ordinary MasterCard, issued by a bank (Capital One Bank), and anything you can buy using any other bank card, you can buy also buy using this particular MasterCard.

How much are you charged for using the GM Card?

The fees associated with the GM Card are exactly the same as the fees charged for shopping online using any other bank card. You don’t pay anything extra just because you paid for stuff using the GM card. The end result is that the ‘discount’ you ultimately get from GM when you redeem the earnings (at the point of purchasing a GM vehicle) is actually a discount in the realest sense of the word.

What difference does shopping using the GM Card make?

In terms of the payment process, shopping using the GM card isn’t different from shopping using any other card. It is not any more complicated. If it is a brick and mortar store you are shopping in, you just swipe the card. If you are shopping online, you enter the card number and the signature code. But the difference is in the fact that you accumulate earnings in your GM Card account every time you pay for something using the card. These ‘earnings’ are redeemable for ‘discounts’ when buying GM vehicles. The discounts in question can be substantial, running into thousands of dollars. So using the GM card is worthwhile, if you are considering buying a vehicle from GM at some point later. That is because using this card (for your other day to day purchases) can translate into a huge discount being availed to you, when you go to buy the GM vehicle you fancy.

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